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Our products can only be purchased from ABC retailers. We don't sell direct. ABC recommends you see a certified fitter.

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Q: What is the warranty on your products?
All silicone breast forms are covered under a two year warranty. However, the adhesive on the Massage Form® Attach is not covered under warranty. Adhesive effectiveness will vary from woman to woman. It is important that you follow care instructions to maintain and extend the life of your attachable breast form.

Q: How should an ABC breast form be washed?
A breast form should be hand-washed with the same gentle cleansers a woman uses in the shower or bath. If the breast form is worn in the bra pocket, it will only require occasional washing. Breast forms that are worn against the skin should be washed each night and stored in the case.
For daily maintenance view these special instructions for the Massage Form® Attach.

Q: How should ABC bras be laundered?
Bras should be hand washed or placed in a lingerie bag—hooks fastened—and washed in the gentle cycle of a washing machine. Never put bras in the dryer as the heat may damage the elastic and/or molded cups.

: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
If your order is placed before 2 p.m. Eastern Time, it will ship out the same day. Orders placed after 2 p.m. will ship on the next business day. Product orders ship out via a major package carrier, and delivery times will vary based on their delivery map. Generally speaking, you should receive your order within 3 - 5 business days.
Q: Where can I locate Medicare billing codes?
View the latest information regarding Medicare billings codes. Then click on the current zip file listed. Be patient. The schedule is a large spreadsheet and will take time to download. When it does appear on the screen, you will want to scroll down the page to locate the L8000 codes. The L8000 codes are the HCPCS codes dealing with mastectomy products.

Q: How does Medicare work in my state?
For DMEPOS services, Medicare is divided into four regions. Each region is administered by a MAC or Medicare Administrative Contractors. This MAC is your interface for any questions or concerns you have. Meanwhile, with a Medicare provider number, you may file for reimbursement for products listed in the fee schedule for any Medicare recipient.

Q: How should I bill a bra and/or breast form?
Bras are billed every year under the L8000 code. Non-silicone breast forms are billed under the L8020 code and may be replaced every six months. Silicone breast forms, including partials or shells, are billed under L8030, and can be replaced every 2 years.

Post-mastectomy products are covered by Medicare and other private insurance. Please consult with your insurance provider for detailed, specific information regarding reimbursement. View the latest information regarding Medicare billings codes.
Q: Does my facility need to be accredited?
As part of the requirements for being a Medicare provider, your facility must be accredited. Part of the accreditation requirements for providing mastectomy products is to have a certified mastectomy fitter on staff or on call. For private insurance and accreditation requirements, you will need to inquire at those companies your customers are insured with.

Q: How do I become a certified fitter?
Becoming a certified mastectomy fitter is a three step process. First you must take an eight hour training class recognized by the Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC) and the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. (ABC) as an authorized mastectomy fitter training. Then you must log 500 hours of fitting experience. Following your 500 hours, you can apply to sit for the certification exam with either BOC or ABC. For the most current information on becoming a certified mastectomy fitter, including a list of available classes, please visit or

Q: What if I or my staff needs further training?
ABC offers regional fitter education courses throughout the year as well as other educational opportunities. We have a basic and advanced fitter training class. View our upcoming schedule.

Q: How do I find an accreditation organization?
The accreditation organizations recognized by Medicare are listed on the Medicare website. Scroll down the page to DMEPOS Deemed Accreditation Organizations.