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Our products can only be purchased from ABC retailers. We don't sell direct. ABC recommends you see a certified fitter.
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Learn About American Breast Care
Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about American Breast Care. We at American Breast Care are dedicated to helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. By listening to our customers' needs, we develop the most innovative, high-quality products and services. Our passionate team of dependable professionals is committed to earning the trust of our customers and the confidence of the women we serve.

American Breast Care's entire operation—manufacturing, shipping, customer service and corporate offices—is housed in Marietta, GA. Having an operational base in the U.S. is the hallmark of ABC's success. Chairman and Co-CEO Jolly Rechenberg says, "You have to keep pace with the changing surgeries, the fashions, the colors and fit that women want."

The state-of-the-art production facility employs a "high tech, high touch" method of design, development and production, using input from retailers and end users to keep the products on the cutting edge of what women want. "Our vast experience in product development uniquely positions ABC as the U.S. leader to develop the products that customers are asking for," comments Rechenberg. He continues: "We're in a position to create things this market has been craving. The innovation and cooperation we're seeing here are very exciting. "

American Breast Care brings fashion to the forefront of the mastectomy industry. ABC was the first to make a seamless, molded-cup bra with pockets. Next, ABC was the first to bring a strapless bra to life for women after mastectomies. As we go forward, fashion remains a top priority in the bras we bring to market. We see that as part of helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. We see our retailers as partners in that dedication. In this section of our website, you will find an overview of American Breast Care's products and services that are available to you as you work to help the women of your community.

American Breast Care recognizes that every breast care facility faces its own unique challenges and has its own preferences. That's why we're continually listening to all of our customers and evolving to meet their changing needs. We hope you will turn to American Breast Care and your ABC Breast Care Specialist for ideas, support, and continuing education.

ABC Breast Care Specialist
Your ABC Breast Care Specialist is way more than a sales person. She is an experienced fitter with an entrepreneurial spirit who has been working in the post-mastectomy industry for years. She is a rich resource of ideas and information for you. Always feel free to call, email or make an appointment for her to visit your shop.