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Coolness Study:
The Massage Form®

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kurz at the University of Applied Sciences
in Munich, Germany conducted an independent study on the
patented design of the Massage Form®. Findings proved that
wearing the Massage Form® resulted in lower amounts of
perspiration and better air exchange when compared
to a standard back,
lightweight breast form.



The special channels on the back of these forms keep air flowing resulting in a cooler chest wall temperature.


When pressed against your chest wall, the unique channels on the back of the patented Massage Form® create a massaging action. According to wearers, this gentle movement on the chest wall made it more comfortable when compared to other breast forms.


Special channels on the back layer of the Massage Form® keep air flowing, resulting in a cooler chest wall temperature. Less perspiration helps keep you dry throughout your day. Stay dry and cool all day, every day.


The Massage Form® fits snugly against your chest wall due to the highs and lows of the specially designed channels on its back layer. Experience less shifting in your bra, providing you with a more secure fit.